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ACAI BERRY PURE & MAXX DUO - a fantastic duo of products with the antioxidant properties of the Acai Berry and an advanced 8 hour energy formula combined with a vitamin mix to boost energy and stamina.  The Maxx product is great for working mums, people who work long hours or have a strenuous job and is a fantastic training aid for atheletes, cyclists, runners, body builders, etc.  Both products contain the amazing Acai Berry superfood and are ALL NATURAL.

You will receive:

  • ACAI BERRY PURE - 100% freeze dried Acai Berry - a fantastic antioxidant with many health benefits - 60 capsules (1 months supply)
  • ACAI BERRY MAXX - advanced energy formula combined with a vitamin mix - 60 capsules (1 months supply)

These capsules should be taken together.  Duo pack of 120 capsules in total offered at a cheaper price than purchasing individual items.  Click on "Display Product" below for more product information.

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